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South Beach’s iconic architecture is designed with the idea of blending innovative form with environmentally sustainable design to create a distinctive, high-quality development that fits in with Singapore’s tropical climate and urban context. One of South Beach’s unique eco-friendly features is its microclimatic canopy that extends throughout the development. The canopy, engineered to harvest rainwater and fitted with photovoltaic cells to convert solar energy into electricity, also serves an added purpose of providing pedestrians beneath it with a naturally ventilated shelter from the worst of the city’s tropical climate.

Winner of two Green Mark Platinum Awards, the development’s green efforts are further supported by its good orientation, high-performance glass façade and extensive sky gardens which help to absorb heat and maintain a high level of thermal comfort throughout the day. In addition, energy- and water- efficient fittings and certified green label building materials all contribute to South Beach’s commitment to being one of Singapore’s most environmentally conscious developments.

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